At its peak,  The Pacific Electric metropolitan transit system of Los Angeles was the largest public transportation system in the world.  Funded by private wealth for the sake of commonwealth, it was a testament to hard work, bare hands, and innate drive.  (Our design studios lie within what was regional division #7.)  The “redcars” represented everything about Los Angeles that once was-- efficient, communal, pragmatic, democratized city-center life… and nothing that modern-day “LA” connotes: car-culture, smog, disconnected burrows, and “dead-zone” roadways. 


 RedCar 7 offers a combination of sought-after proprietary and name-designer brands-- many made in Los Angeles, California--  for sale at, and our related social media platforms @ShopRedCar7.  
Our designers are connected to the unique hybrid of SoCal suburban skate-casualwear and city-center street-fashion-- that has come from the recent resurgence of city-center living in downtown Los Angeles.  This convergence of vitality and culture is moving LA street-casual menswear beyond connotations of sub-urban "skatepark stoners" and "aimless surfer-dudes".  Our brands and media content reflect the pragmatism, timeless style, and innovation that city-center Los Angeles was built-on.  




The R7C brand offers the skate-urban menswear customer a philanthropic voice, donating 7% of  a dedicated-item's profits to charity.