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 RedCar 7 offers a combination of sought-after proprietary and name-designer brands-- many made in Los Angeles, California--  for sale at www.ShopRedCar7.com, and our related social media platforms @ShopRedCar7.  
Our designers are connected to the unique hybrid of SoCal suburban skate-casualwear and city-center street-fashion-- that has come from the recent resurgence of city-center living in downtown Los Angeles.  This convergence of vitality and culture is moving LA street-casual menswear beyond connotations of sub-urban "skatepark stoners" and "aimless surfer-dudes".  Our brands and media content reflect the pragmatism, timeless style, and innovation that city-center Los Angeles was built-on.  




Established in 2015, The RedCar7 Menswear Manufacturing Company is a Los Angeles-based street-fashion manufacturer, specializing in the mens and youth-boys markets.  Its R7C graphic and message-tee shirt collections deliver contemporary LA street-art and music influences to the value and moderate-price sector.  Its specialty 213 Skate contemporary collection speaks to the independent urban-culture entrepreneur who seeks elevated quality and a more sophisticated interpretation of “SoCal” mens skate, surf, and urban culture.  Those lines-- with complementary better-streetwear brands -- are sold at www.ShopRedCar7.com. It ships worldwide.  The R7C brand offers the skate-urban menswear customer a philanthropic voice, donating 7% of  a dedicated-item's profits to charity.

As of December 2016, the company was developing its first physical lifestyle-space in downtown Los Angeles. 

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If you would like more information about The RedCar7 Mens Department Stores Co, please contact

 Investor Relations

7119 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite #480

Los Angeles, CA  90046

(323) 841-2576




Media Inquiries:

Jay Hopkins

Greenwood Drive Entertaiment Public Relations