At its peak, "red"-colored cars of Pacific Electric's regional light rail network, based in downtown Los Angeles, comprised the largest public transit system in the world.  Southern California's inter-urban transit authority was larger than New York City and Boston combined.  And it was a testament to what's possible when a community puts pragmatism ahead of frivolity; emboldened with an indepence that's a style all its own.

(Geographically speaking, the RedCar Seven Co.was founded in an area that would have been contained in RedCar regional division #7.) 

RedCar Seven Co. explores the innate power inside each one of us- and our combined force as communities.  We stand for everything pragmatic, creative, and introspective.  Our seasonal collections are curated to garner attention, provoke thought, peak curiosity, and empower action.    


 RedCar 7 offers a combination of proprietary and branded better-quality street fashion for men.  Our line-up balances trends with functionality; fashion with timelessness.
Right now, a convergence of vitality and culture is moving LA street-fashion beyond connotations of sub-urban "skatepark stoners" and "aimless surfer-dudes".  Our brands and media content reflect the ingenuity, pragmatism, and timeless style that city-center Los Angeles was built-on.