SNAPBACK baseball caps could arguably be called the core of streetwear.  When young brands pool their resources together to get started, their first drop almost always includes at least one run of branded snapbacks.  Despite their longstanding position at the heart of streetwear across the nation, their popularity seems to be at an all-time high.

Hypeist Scavener Hunts 

HYPEIST could partially be thanked for that.  HYPEIST takes in-demand, limited release products and hides them in various spots.  Call it “a grown-up scavenger hunt for streetwear aficionados”.  Perhaps one of the HYPEIST hunts with the most fanfare was its LIFE OF PABLO drop in late June.

hyepist product clue note across new york city


It’s no secret that YEEZY’S LIFE OF PABLO merchandise has been highly sought after.  For proof, just check your favorite reseller to see the skyrocketing prices.  On June 17, HYPEIST tweeted about an upcoming hunt with a picture of a basic black snapback embroidered with the words "I FEEL LIKE PABLO" and “THE LIFE OF PABLO” in KANYE WEST’s signature typography.  The hunt was hosted in collaboration with photographer and designer SHWHY.  Even without any direct involvement from KANYE himself, the limited-run hunt had fans going crazy.

I Feel Like Pablo snapback, Kanye West'S Life of Pablo


But it isn’t just experiential events like HYPEIST’s hunts that are generating love for the snapback.  Brands like THE QUIET LIFE are turning the basic formula on its head and treating snapbacks like works of art.


For their Spring 2016 collection, the brand found inspiration in the “GARVANZA” neighborhood of LOS ANGELES.  They threw graffiti-inspired prints on several of the pieces from the range.  This included the brightly colored brim of their snapback.  It was a mash up of art and design that paid homage to LA in a fresh, new way.


Whether it’s NEW ERA’SVINTAGE ALOHA” Capsule Collection or LA-based HALL OF FAME’S collab with MISTER CARTOON, snapbacks are a mandatory part of any streetwear drop.

New Era's Aloha Capsule, Los Angeles Lakers cap, shopredcar7

No matter how big or small the brand is, these classic hats are constantly being updated to match the times.  The patterns might shift or the colors might change, but the snapback itself remains the same as it always was.  And considering how quickly streetwear trends come and go, the staying power of the snapback is something to marvel.



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