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Reddit Sneaker Blog r/Sneakers Dominates   Footwear Industry Conversation

It seems that most people look to social media networks like Instagram and Tumblr to get the scoop on the biggest sneaker releases. But it looks like Reddit may actually be the most influential social media space for sneakerheads.

Reddit’s sneakers forum, r/Sneakers, is most definitely a cultural leader when it comes to men’s footwear. In fact, it’s so important that Hypeist founder Max Doblin conducted of study of the activity on r/Sneakers.

What did he find? For starters, r/Sneakers has more than 75,000 loyal readers. But beyond the sheer massive amount of readers, it was discovered that Adidas generated 36% of the forum’s top posts over a 30-day period. Nike accounted for 22%.

In addition to general knowledge, r/Sneakers has become a place to share insane thrift store finds. Oddly enough, one of the craziest finds was a pair of limited edition Reeboks (not Adidas). Last December, one Reddit user was able to score a pair of unreleased S. Carter Classic Low “Kanye West” samples for just $20.


s carter kanye west collaboration photo credit: sneakernews.com

S. Carter Classic Low “Kanye West” photo: sneakernews.com

The shoe was part of a run that never made it to production. These days, a pair will cost you close to $3,000. To say that this was a steal is the understatement of the year. There are many other crazy sneaker stories like this one in the forum.

According to a 2014 Mashable article, r/Sneakers is a forum for sneaker purists. And brands that sell imitation sneakers are its worst enemy. Its authenticity is what has attracted and maintained so many loyal readers.

Fans also head to r/Sneakers to show off purchases of popular releases, ask others to check the legitimacy of sneakers, share links to new releases, and spread knowledge about sneakers in general. Not to mention, there’s a fair bit of trolling, too. In the true spirit of Reddit, r/Sneakers isn’t for the weak. Don’t get involved if you don’t know your stuff.

If we move beyond the forum’s in-house fanfare and the most celebrated shoes on r/Sneakers, we can see that this Reddit group has some serious cultural power. Sneakerheads in r/Sneakers have shifted toward two main styles of sneakers: Runners instead of basketball sneakers and lifestyle superstars instead of athlete superstars.

Through its collaborations with both Pharrell and Kanye West, Adidas,  has quenched the thirst of sneakerheads craving these two styles. It would seem that some executives at Adidas have been combing through Reddit sneaker blogs in search of what’s next.

When it comes to sneakers, r/Sneakers is most definitely a leader in the cultural conversation. For a combination of inside tips, style moves, and exclusive drops, there’s no other community like it.

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