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/r/Streetwear: A Vital Community of Enthusiasts and Celebs Alike

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Reddit’s Streetwear subreddit has a lot more credibility than what appears on the surface.  With more than 110,000 regular readers, there’s some serious Reddit muscle packed into this group.  But the related Instagram account has just over 5,000 followers.  That’s pretty measly considering its clout in the Reddit community.  And you probably have friends with more IG followers than that.  But don’t be fooled.  r/Streetwear’s influence spans so far that celebrities are going undercover just to be a part of the conversation.


Remember Dylan and Cole Sprouse? They’re the adorable twins who played the little kid in Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy and then went on to snag their own Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Well, in addition to becoming the ultimate hipster, Dylan Sprouse quietly assumed the self-proclaimed position of ‘resident fuccboi’ on r/Streetwear.  When his identity was revealed back in April, he hosted a Reddit AMA where users asked him everything from when he’d sport Justin Bieber-like dreads to personal requests to start a poncho trend.


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Back in mid-June, fanboys were in full force after a picture of Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams surfaced showing her in what appeared to be a fake Supreme t-shirt.  The now-defunct Four Pins called her out on Twitter.  But it was Reddit where the real investigation went down.  The overwhelming consensus? The shirt was a fake.


While r/Streetwear has become an unintentional source of crowdsourced comedy, the subreddit has also become a hotbed for streetwear enthusiasts interested in what’s next.  The subreddit is a place where users share their own creations, their favorite outfits, and trade knowledge about popular brands. 

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Reddit r/streetwear community - creating the brands of tomorrow

One user posted a photo of his Adidas Hamburgs.  He used an x-acto knife to remove the stripes and posted the DIY creation for approval.  The post was upvoted more than 200 times and inspired a legion of mostly positive comments.  Similar to r/Sneakers, Adidas is a popular brand here as well.  Plus, it looks like DIY enhancements to mainstream sneakers might be the next big trend.


 reddit's Adidas Hamburg customized DIY shoes trend

The Customized DIY Adidas Hamburg sneakers voted up up up


LA-based brand Fear of God also ranks high in importance in r/StreetwearJerry Lorenzo’s forward-thinking designs have inspired redditors to create their own pieces mimicking the brand’s aesthetic.  One user added zippers to a pair of H&M sweatpants.  He acknowledged the lack of quality but listed Fear of God as an inspiration for his design.


Whether it’s super sleuthing of streetwear fakes, expressing admiration for a top brand, or simply seeking approval for a new creation, r/Streetwear is the most important menswear hangout on Reddit.


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Jefferey is the founder and editor-in-chief of men’s lifestyle site, Uptown Bourgeois (www.uptownbourgeois.com).  He’s a writer and straight-up opinion slinger.

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