REDCAR 7 KiDS Collection Launches

RedCar 7 KiDS 

Believe it or not-- there are kids all around us.  And they're a lot cooler than we give them credit for.  

We've been blessed to sell some clothes to a guy or two.  Possibly dads, "baby-daddies", uncles, cousins, brothers, or just friends who have friends with little-dudes.  RedCar7 customers shop us because they know we reflect a certain "unconventional" coolness.  Our particular brand of "coolness", if we do say so ourselves, reflects all the irony, sarcasm, excitement, and downtown LA sk8 attitude we've become known for.  Further, everyone knows that buying "American" made is the coolest thing a fashionable dude can do.

That said, looking around the crop of junior kingpins our staff has been busy developing: we realize we don't want to make the same mistakes of our parents' generation.  We're better than that, more enlightened, living in a globally sophisticated grown-folks world.  Why should our little dudes be doomed to repeat the same bad/tacky/cheesy/just plain un-cool baby stylin' choices we were put through?!  



So we set to work, and poured through our own archives for graphics and themes that could translate appropriately for dads and little dudes alike.  Now, the thought of dad and dad-juniors wearing matching outfits might make you want to barf.  If done right, it can score you some massive chick-magnet action.... for both you AND You 2.0

We're just getting started here: but we're proud of what we've made for you so far.  The "back to school" stuff is gonna be some sick gear.  RedCar7 is committed to eliminating the trauma of "baby picture-bad fashion" flashbacks.  Together we can make a difference.   

All of our RedCar KiDS collection is proudly Made in Los Angeles.  7% of profits from the sales of one item a month are dedicated to early childhood development services within the domestic United States of America.  

Step up, step in, and redefine possibilities for the next generation.  


The RedCar 7 KiDS collection is available exclusively at 

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